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HELP Nutrition Guide

Kayla's HELP Nutrition Guide is taking the world by storm! With extensive knowledge and meal plans included, it's your key to bikini body success.


The HELP Nutrition Guide contains ALL of Kayla's nutritional recommendations and tips. 

All food included in the HELP Nutrition Guide is simple, affordable and available in most supermarkets all around the world. 

Kayla's HELP Nutrition Guide is based around a wholesome and balanced diet including all 5 of the main food groups. 

Also included:

  • 14 day meal plan, consisting of three meals and two snacks per day 
  • Full recipes for all dinner meals 
  • Information about the five foods and serving sizes 
  • Comprehensive education section, including information about macronutrients, important micronutrients, how to alter the meal plan to suit common dietary intolerances, and the science behind effective, maintainable weight loss 
  • Cooking tips and information on food hygiene, cheat meals, alcohol, advice for eating out 
  • Comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section

Where can I find a sample?

Unfortunately, we do not have a sample of Kayla's HELP Nutrition Guide available at this stage.

Picky Eater

If you're a picky eater, Kayla has provided explanations on how you can substitute ingredients and meals to suit yourself and your needs. 

How can I buy it?

The HELP Nutrition Guide is available as a single purchase or, as part of the Bikini Body Bundle.

You can purchase your copy of the HELP Nutrition Guide from our website