HELP Nutrition Guide for Vegetarians | Kayla Itsines

HELP Nutrition Guide for Vegetarians

Kayla's HELP Nutrition Guide for Vegetarians is suitable for Vegetarians, Pescatarians, Lacto-Ovovegetarians and Vegans. 


  • 14 day meal plan, consisting on three meals and two snacks per day 
    •  4 days to suit Pescatarian diets
    •  4 days to suit Lacto-ovovegetarian diets
    •  6 days to suit Vegan diets
  • Full recipes for all dinner meals
  • Information about the five foods 
    and serving sizes 
  • Comprehensive education section, including information about macronutrients, important micronutrients, how to alter the meal plan to suit common dietary intolerances, and the science behind effective, maintainable weight loss 
  • Cooking tips and information on food hygiene, cheat meals, alcohol, advice for eating out 
  • Comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section

Why does the guide include fish?

Kayla has a reach of over 3 million people, for this reason her products are designed to suit a large variety of people, including Vegetarians, Vegans and Pescatarians.

For this reason 4/14 days are suitable for a Pescatarian lifestyle.

Where can I buy the HELP Nutrition Guide for Vegetarians?

You can purchase your copy of the guide from